GENDER'S NOT BUSINESS, IT'S PERSONAL -Business cards 10 pack

from Seth Corbin

"Are you sick of having to pussyfoot around with your gender identity towards random people such as your parents friends, or old college/school buddies, or old ladies you used to serve in coffee shops?
WELL FEAR NO MORE. I have a solution in the form of a business card. Just whack this in their hand and walk away. Problem solved. No more faffing about talking to people you don't really give a crap about."

Card reads: 'My Gender, it's not your business.'
It also has spaces to write your legal name, gender, and pronouns. It also states a good website for people to visit if they are confused.

Direct and straight to the point.

Cards are sold as a pack of 10.

ships out within 3 days

  £3 GBP or more 



Seth Corbin London

Punk/anti folk musician/maker of bad comix and one man band.
'I tap my foot a lot and sing songs about things that make me sad.'

Seth Corbin is a queer folk/punk musician deriving from a small conservative market town where nothing happens, and now currently settling in the seaside city of Brighton, UK
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