Why Is Social Anxiety Ruining My Life and Why Am I Drinking So Much Beer?

by Seth Corbin

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released January 8, 2015

all songs written, performed and recorded by Seth Corbin.
in the attic.
an actual attic.



all rights reserved


Seth Corbin London

Punk/anti folk musician/maker of bad comix and one man band.
'I tap my foot a lot and sing songs about things that make me sad.'

Seth Corbin is a queer folk/punk musician deriving from a small conservative market town where nothing happens, and now currently settling in the seaside city of Brighton, UK
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Track Name: Get F***ed
I spent the night avoiding you and the shit you left behind
I spent the day puking up feelings I felt for you inside
and if yr eyes had looked at my eyes I would have run away
'cuz if last night we had of spoken I know what I would say

last night I would tell you to get fucked.
Track Name: The Final Curtain Call (Acoustic)
oh i locked myself away and i'm on the brink
of learning how to think without your words
protruding through my skull
with one brief pull
they fell like bullet wounded birds in flight
with no more chance to fight
than if my eyes were gouged
and my hands bound
it made me sad to think that if i had a gun
i'd shoot them instead

this story's getting old it's old it's old
the final curtain call i wish i'd kept my mouth shut
oh it's all my fault
the final curtain call i wish i'd kept it shut

oh a habit i can't kick and it makes me sick
to think i think too much about such things
as how yr friends perceive or if i'm naive
to not know already what they'll think
so i know it's for the best i lay to rest
these thoughts within my brain that cause me pain
goodbye don't cry but if you don't
i'll be wondering why
Track Name: Old Lady On The Bus
The old lady on my bus took one long look at me and huffed
One long sigh of disapproval while she ate her apple strudel
My tattoos did quite offend her my haircut enough to send her
Off the deep end for a lecture to tell me how it affects her
“You’ll regret those when yr older” and at that time if I’d felt bolder I’d respond
And you’ll regret being so rude and ignorant
You don’t have to make me feel bad just because I make you feel mad
And I won’t partake in your debate, to hear about those things you hate
Old lady you don’t know me and you certainly don’t owe me
An ounce of yr minds interior to make me feel inferior
I’ve done nothing to upset you only wish I hadn’t met you
On this bus, cuz can’t you see I just wanna get from A to B
I don’t wanna see you look down yr nose
From the top of my head to the bottom of my toes
And listen to yr snide remarks snappin’ yr mouth like a great white shark

And I wanna stop and shake her, in the hope that it’ll make her
Take note and mental clearance of judging people by appearance
Cuz looks can be deceiving and it kinda leaves me reeling
To know that she thinks less of me due to ignorance and bigotry
And I’m definitely not ageist but being mean can be contagious
So when I open my mouth to say, ‘she’s just an old bitch,’
That’s not okay
But if she didn’t act like one I wouldn’t have to say
I met this stupid old woman as I was on my way
To play a gig in London just the other day
And I don’t want to upset her
Cuz maybe she had dementia
Or some other illness old folk get
Am I being ageist yet?
Frustration has made me forget the example I was supposed to set
That when someone says something mean it’s best to keep yr conscience clean
Smile and nod, repel the hate, you don’t have to retaliate
That old lady’s probably lonely and plus she doesn’t even know me
And tonight when she goes to bed I wonder what runs through her head
Did she make a positive impression or think she was teaching me a lesson
Or maybe should would feel real sad knowing that she made me feel bad
Or maybe she takes pleasure, in the measure of her rudeness
And if that’s true so be it and when she’s mean I guess she means it

Regardless of the outcome all I want to say
Is what the hell is an apple strudel, anyway?
Track Name: When Friends Get Into Relationships & Disappear From Yr Life
i don't wanna hear about yr new girlfriend
'cuz you know you and me we used to be good friends
and now i see you once a month
and once a month don't feel like it's enough for me

it's not that i don't want you to be happy but
moving in after 3 weeks seems a bit weird to me
i don't want to be coming off as crabby but
you break up every other week so maybe it's not meant to be
and now you've gone and bought a cat together but
when you fight and she moves out who's gonna end up getting custody
i'm not trying to sound big or clever but
when you get the cat i know you'll end up putting it in a cattery

and maybe i'm this way 'cuz i have no one in my bed
but i know that isn't true 'cuz when i'm drunk i usually do
so i guess instead
it's the fact i can no longer tell who is who
'cuz you wear all the same clothes and the same brand of shoes
and yr life consists of doing things yr girlfriend wants to do
so i guess my friend that's probably why...
Track Name: The Alcohol Song
i've come out three times first as queer and then as trans
both times met with acceptance and metaphorical clapping of hands
third time was met with disbelief an awkwardness so chronic
they thought i must be joking when i said i'm an alcoholic
they said i was too young as if there's an age limit for addiction
and they drink way more than me and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them
i can't say that i agree when our friendship's based on getting drunk
and sober conversation's a ship of silence that can't be sunk

'cuz I drink when I'm happy
and i drink when i'm sad
and i drink when life is going well
and when it turns out bad
i drink to remember
and i drink to forget
my mum said that if i carry on
i'll probably end up dead

i first realised there were problems when i woke in a strangers bed
i didn't know where the fuck i was and i couldn't feel my head
i lost most of my money and i lost most of my clothes
and with that i found my pants and took to the open road
i tried to call my friends but none of them picked up
they were probably still out clubbing
or probably just too drunk
so i called the one woman on whom i can rely
'hi mum it's me i'm lost' i said and then i began to cry
look around what can you see she asked and i could see big ben
and i found a train station and promised this won't happen again
when i promised that i meant it my drinking career would end
but it didn't stop me doing the exact same thing that next weekend


if you think it's not a problem then let me tell you this
i promised my best friend i'd stopped drinking that same night i got pissed
i missed her exhibition because i was so hungover
it doesn't take a genius to work out that friendship's over
when you wanna put down the bottle but you've lost all the willpower
and you slip on the bathroom floor and knock yrself out in the shower
and you try to kill yourself 'cuz you're convinced you won't be missed
the next morning you realise you only felt that way 'cuz you were pissed
when you're abusive towards yr friends and abusive towards yr partner
and you wake up with no recollection of that behaviour after
if you've still got the audacity to tell me i'm okay
then my friend stay the fuck outta my life and stay the fuck outta my way