Songs To Eat Pizza And Cry To

by Seth Corbin

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Collection of songs dating back from 2000-2013
Inspired by life, recorded in my bedroom.


released January 4, 2011

All words and music written, performed and recorded by Seth Corbin.
drawings too.



all rights reserved


Seth Corbin London

Punk/anti folk musician/maker of bad comix and one man band.
'I tap my foot a lot and sing songs about things that make me sad.'

Seth Corbin is a queer folk/punk musician deriving from a small conservative market town where nothing happens, and now currently settling in the seaside city of Brighton, UK
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Track Name: Game Over
just like she said
it's my last try
this time i swear
that i won't die
i've done this stage
it's not that hard
boss fight's a joke when
the jump to get there's the hardest part

when you press start it tricks my pixel heart into thinking you give a shit
but i know that you don't
you press ESC and i know it's too late no 1-up will save us now
and i know that it won't

and oh i should know that my princess is another castle
and oh i won't go on a quest to remind me i'm alone

caring for you
is kind of like
a 1 player game
with no co-op in sight
i got KO'd
it's my last life
but in this game called love
you don't get another try
Track Name: The Final Curtain Call
oh i locked myself away and i'm on the brink
of learning how to think without your words
protruding through my skull, with one brief pull
they fell like bullet-wounded birds in flight
with no more chance to fight than if my eyes
were gouged and my hands bound
it made me sad to think that if i had a gun
i'd shoot them instead

this story's getting old it's old it's old, the final curtain call i wish i'd kept my mouth shut
oh it's all my fault, the final curtain call i wish i'd kept it shut

oh a habit i can't kick and it makes me sick
to think i think too much about such things
as how yr friends perceive or if i'm naive
to not know already what they think
so i know it's for the best i lay to rest
Track Name: Four
four little words
for a little hurt

darling if you go out tonight
you won't come back tonight
Track Name: AA
i had to face this on my own
cuz i've been told it takes more guts to be alone
i'll keep my head above the sea
and remember to breathe
if it's not me and it's not you
let's blame it on the drink as we usually do
i'll sale with ale as my sea
and you can blame me

give away everything i couldn't own
keep away from everywhere that's not my home
i'm doing fine without you
cuz i'm alive without you
Track Name: A Song About Ruining Everything
i was blessed with legs so i could walk away
from everything i promised i'd work harder to retain
i was blessed with lips so i could mouth these lies
and trick you into thinking i could keep you by my side

and i understand the consequence of living in my head
and i understand the selfishness of wishing i was dead
and i comprehend your feelings but yr not the only one
who ultimately in the end will hate what i've become

i was blessed with legs so i could run away
from everything i love the most and worked hard to obtain
i was blessed with lips so i could sing this song
to convince myself it's not my fault and it would've happened all along
Track Name: Dating Game
give me yr love
and i hardly feel it
give me yr time
and i hardly need it
give me yr best dress
and i hardly see it
giving yr all to impress but i'm hardly drunk enough to hold interest

it's just something i thought you should know
Track Name: Against The Wall
i wish i could find the courage to go outside
without wondering if they'll single me out tonight
i'll rise above it and when they're not looking i'll drown
the only way to go from here to queer is down

i'm so sorry i'm not on cue for when you laugh
and my happiness is somewhere smashed inside my past
give me self-pity and i'll show you what it's for
i can't see past me with my face against the wall

endless tantrum from the queen of discontent
a never ending complaint from the crown on her head
i was never one to kid myself out of what's real
but go ahead and blame the hormones for how i feel

i wish you would make the most of yourself
go dress like somebody else
you always used to be such a pretty girl
hair tied up in ribbons and pretty curls
Track Name: Futile Now
give me that knife so i can stab you
in the back where i promised i would never lay a finger on
give me that life so i can stack you
alongside every other life i prayed you would take pity on

remember those days constructing plans to
keep memories alive by writing to you every day
it's futile now i'll pass blame onto
the day that's my night and all the water that got in yr way

just for today

these 5 months won't make it alright
if i can't see further than the end of tonight
you used to be something that could change my mind
reasons to exist these days are harder to find